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Work Order Feature

Covers service requests from both emails and app


E-mails become automatic work orders.

Seamlessly create tickets however you receive requests, whether by phone or text.

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Demo Video


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Save time

Beaver cuts handling time to 1/2 by connecting vendors and tenants directly. 


On the same page

Everybody is on the same page with Beaver: one space everyone can go to check the latest status update on work orders.

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No more typing

No more need for words: simply tap and click to communicate through Beaver’ pre-set questions, answers, and scheduling features.

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Upload video

Sometimes, images are not enough. With Beaver, you can upload videos - so you can understand how urgent that water leakage problem is.

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Happy you

The more time you have, the happier you will become. Enjoy the extra time.


How it works


1. Submit

Tenant submits a request via phone.


2. Invite

PM invites a vendor into the conversation.

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3. Communicate

Everybody communicates in one place


4. Solve

Problems get solved in the fastest manner.

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Auto ticket creation from email

Whatever communication coming in (email, phone call, text or something else), we can grab the communication and create a ticket. You won't have to remind tenants to use a mobile app to submit the work order request.


Assign requests to Vendors

You can assign vendors, supers, and others who can fix the issues ASAP - and let them fix the problem while you monitor the flow.  Simply enter their email or phone number.  Beaver will remember your go-to vendors.


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New design to manage your tasks

Based on experience, we have designed a new interface for property managers to organize not only work orders but also tasks to assign, follow up, and complete.



Stay organized, and prioritize urgency

Tracking "Open" and "Closed" requests is not enough. Ongoing water leakage is way more serious than changing light bulbs... We get it! We have a special arrangement for those urgent matters.