Why Beaver

Beaver is built for real estate owners

Yes, it’s possible to use Quickbooks for accounting of real estate income and expenses, just like for any general business.. But Beaver is designed specifically for landlords and property managers and its built-in features already anticipate your needs. 

  1. Multi-entity accounting: real estate owners typically have a LLC for each property. With Beaver, you can have multiple LLCs, each with its own BS/PL, under one Beaver account. There’s no extra charge to add a new entity; we only have one price per property.
  2. Document storage: real estate investment comes with a lot of documents. Save leases, agreements, insurance policies, and other transactional documents for each property.
  3. Double-entry bookkeeping system with full journal entries and a searchable/downloadable general ledger.  
  4. Dashboard to monitor your property’s performance, including occupancy, rent collection rate, and net income.

Multi entity (LLC) accounting

Real estate is typically managed through a LLC for each property, so we assume that structure by default.

Using just one Beaver account, you can create a full set of Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, and General Ledger for each entity. You can perform financial analysis by property, by LLC, or at the account level, any way you wish.

While some other software will charge fees based on the number of entities (accounts) you have, Beaver will only charge you one price per property, regardless of the entity structure.

Document management is more critical than you think.

Real estate investment comes with a lot of documents: deeds, purchase agreements, inspection reports, leases, mortgage documents, tax documents, insurance policies, repair receipts…

Beaver has a “document” folder for each property, where all such transactional documents can be stored in an organized manner. Simply upload documents under the relevant property. You can access it from any device, quickly, when you need it.

Double-entry bookkeeping

Accurate accounting is important for any business, but especially important in real estate investment, which has significant tax consequences and high transaction values.

Don’t be fooled by Beaver’s user-friendly look – it is also a very robust accounting software, built by people with deep accounting knowledge.

Beaver allows you to make direct edits to any journal entry, under the “General Ledger” tab or by clicking on a line item in the BS/PL Statement.

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