The best property management app for independent owners


From accounting to taking care of your tenants, one app completes the entire work flow of real estate management.

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Save time

Beaver cuts handling time of your work up to 1/2.



We take data security seriously, and follow the industry's best practices.


Easy Integration

Beaver is compatible with most existing industry software.  Set-up is easy.


Customer support

Your frustrations are our enemy.    We will provide you with the best customer support.

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Happy owners

What would you like the most?  Let us help you make your customers happy.



Ultimate efficiency

Beaver gives everyone access to the same data and conversation, so Property Managers can stop acting as a "middleman."  Once you bring people together, allow them to work things out.  Now sit back, and watch as the problems get solved.





Less words, more action

Beaver minimizes the need for writing.  Typing sentences takes time, and often creates confusion.  Instead, use pictures, videos, and buttons to communicate efficiently.  You'll be surprised, how many problems can be solved without words!





Easy as A,B,C.

Beaver believes in simplicity.  User experience is our No.1 priority - we have designed the software and app so that you will not need any explanations.  Temporary users like Vendors don't even need to "sign up".





Prioritize the things that matter

Beaver filters for urgent issues that need your attention, and others that can wait.  As technology solves more of your work, you will have more time to focus on your "important work".




Start the conversations!