Tenant portal

One stop feature to take care of your tenants's needs

Work orders

No more lost in communications. Tenant, owner, property manager and vendor, they all know what is going on.

Demo video


How it works

1. Submit

Tenant submits a request via phone.


2. Invite

PM invites a vendor into the conversation.

Invite vendor

3. Communicate

Everybody communicates in one place. 

Item checking sheet

3. Solve

Problems get solved in the fastest manner.

Issue solved
Everybody on the same page

What property management is all about

Isn't it too much work just to coordinate a small repair asking tenant and vendor their schedules and get back to them to confirm? Beaver can get everything done in one space for everybod to communicate not to lose the track of communications.

Assign service requests to Vendors

You can assign vendors, supers, and others who can fix the issues ASAP - and let them fix the problem while you monitor the flow.  Simply enter their email or phone number.  Beaver will remember your go-to vendors.

Assign vendor


Send messages directly to owners & tenants' smartphones/emails

Demo video


How it works

1. Post

Draft an announcement, add pictures, and click to publish.

2. Notify

Only targeted tenants will receive notifications. 

3. See

Tenants can check the announcement anytime.

It’s 100% free to start your property management

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