Section 8

Best accounting software for Section 8 landlords and property managers

  1. Sign-up in 2 minutes
  2. Connect your bank account
  3. Assign rental income and expenses to each property

Voila! Your financial statements are ready. Beaver’s rent collection, rent statement, and rent roll features are tailored for Section 8 and similar subsidized rental properties. Each payment is clearly divided between the tenant portion and subsidy portion.

Reports can be viewed in a landlord-friendly format online, or downloaded in Excel format to be sent to your CPA.

Track subsidy v. rent from Section 8 tenants

Section 8 management is not as simple as regular real estate investment. You have rent coming through the responsible government agency, and also the portion of tenant’s responsibility. And both are prone to errors and delay, which require close monitoring.

Beaver is built with those two different income sources in mind. You can easily review the two sources in the monthly rent statements, and quickly identify any irregular activity.

1. HUD or Municipality pays their portion

2. Your tenant pays their portion of rent

3. Easy bookkeeping to distinguish 1 and 2.

4. Your financial statement is ready.

Rent statement shows subsidies

Not all property management softwares care about Section 8 related matters. Beaver does.

Rent statement and rent roll are designed for you to manage your section 8 properties.

Simple yet powerful accounting

Section 8 owners are subject to strict reporting requirements.

Beaver has a full-fledged accounting feature to manage your properties with high security and accuracy.

Why not try to manage your section 8 properties with Beaver?