Schedule E

Your Schedule E is already prepared before you know it...

1. Connect

Connect your bank and credit card accounts. No need to enter your numbers manually anymore.

Plaid connect image

2. Track

Semi-automatic bookkeeping system and memorization of your behaivor requires only minimal input from you.

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3. File tax

Your Schedule E is ready to send your accountant at the end of year. No more stress in your tax season.

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Schedule E

No more stress for your tax return

Once you assign transactions to each property, Voilà! your Schedule E is alredy prepared!

Download the file and send it your accountant. Your part is done!

Multiple properties or LLCs? No problem.

Beaver is best for multiple properties. Easy to assign and monitor what is going on with each property.

Schedule E
asset information

Keep track of your asset information

Beaver also allows you to keep a record of asset information (such as purchased amount, legal fees, and broker fees) so that you can calculate your depreciation and capital gains when you sell your property.

It’s 100% free to start your property management

Connect your bank accounts and start your accounting in 5 minutes - No credit card required.