Collect rent online

Rent collection and accounting in one action

Online rent collection is just the first step. You have to do a lot more work to record and bookkeep the collected rent. Beaver takes care of that. Each payment is assigned to the relevant property and recorded as an income for the relevant period.

Rent payment feeds directly into the Profit and Loss Statement and Schedule E form. All of the ACH payments are taken care by our trusted partner Checkbook with the highest security.

Collect rent online with high security

Registration for online rent payment with Beaver is easy!

Tenants have the option to make one-time payments or set up monthly recurring payments. Partial payment is also allowed.

The received rent goes directly into Beaver’s bookkeeping system.

1. Invite tenant by sending an email.

2. Tenant signs up.

3. Collect rent automatically.

4. Easy bookkeeping.

Robust rent roll

Always stay on top of paid and unpaid rent with Beaver’s automatically populated rent roll.

If some tenants prefer to pay by check or money order, the payment can be manually added to the rent roll.

Complete automatic bookkeeping coming soon

Invite your tenant to sign up on Beaver. That is all you need.

This new feature will even complete the bookkeeping part of rent collection to properly recognize the rent for the relevant tenant.

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