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Announcement Feature

Send messages directly to owners & tenants' smartphones/emails


Water shut-off today? Window cleaning? Parking space for sale or rent?   Make sure important building announcements never go unnoticed, even by absent owners and tenants on vacation. 

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Save time

Beaver cuts handling time to 1/4, leaving more time for you to focus on value added work for your clients.


Keep organized

Keep track of past announcements so you can easily find, edit, and re-post them when you need to.

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No more papers

No more need for building staff to create and display notices on the wall, the elevator, or the hall way.

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Automatic updates

East to edit, correct mistakes, and update information. No need to re-print the announcements.

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Happy tenants

Everyone will have accurate, clear, real-time access to important announcements from anywhere.


How it works


1. Post

Draft an announcement, add pictures, and click to publish.

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2. Notify

Only targeted tenants will receive notifications. 

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3. See

Tenants can check the announcement anytime on B!

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Create and post Announcements

Draft your announcement on Beaver and send them directly to Tenants. Set up with useful features such as bullet points, photos/videos, numbering, bold and italics. 




Manage Announcements

If it is not urgent, save the Announcement as a draft and post it later. You can always go back to old Announcements and recycle them for future use.

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Tenants never miss Announcements

Reach tenants who may not notice that sign in the hallway, or who may be on vacation, or before they get out of the apartment.  Reach absent Owners who may also need updates.



Target a small group of Tenants

Want to send special Announcements to only a select group of tenants or owners? We can certainly do that for you. Keep track of who received and viewed the messages and who did not.


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