Real estate accounts payable software

Online vendor payment

Pay your vendor directly using their email address only. No need to share any additional banking information.

Payment will never be lost in the mail!

No credit card fees.

Each payment feeds directly into Beaver’s accounting system, where it can be easily assigned to the relevant property or split between multiple properties. The recorded payment is incorporated into the final Profit & Loss Statement and Schedule E form.

Pay vendor online by email

Do you know the email address of your vendor? Great. That is all you need to make a payment.

No more writing physical checks.

Every payment data is already in Beaver. Your bookkeeping is pretty much done.

Track every payment to your vendor

You can easily track your payment of vendors such as who you paid for what.

It will make you prepare 1099 very easily at the end of year.

Accurate recording by property

The best way to compute your profit per property is to properly track each expense for each property.

Accurate expense information will enable you to prepare your report very easily when it comes to the point to sell properties.

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