How it Works
reduce work load with beaver, saving you time and money

Effortless accounting from rent collection to accounts payables and vendor payments

Given the complex nature of real estate accounting, you need to use the right tool for the job. This isn’t something that can be managed using a spreadsheet. That’s not what spreadsheets were designed to do.

You need software that’s easy to use yet capable of handling all your transactions. Choose Beaver accounting software to do the work for you.

Connect your bank account
Transactions automatically imported
Easy bookkeeping
create your financial reports with ease

Accurate Financial Reporting

Online rent collection is just the beginning. Beaver will gather your information and easily design a robust financial report for you. Saving you time and energy for you to do other tasks!

automate your work and eliminate manual entry

Automated Data Entry

Unlike other property management software, Beaver retrieves transactional data directly from your bank, eliminating the need for manual data entries. 


accurately project your businesses performance

Financial Performance Calculator

When it comes time to sell your properties in your portfolio, it is important to calculate your profit accurately.

With Beaver, you can easily assign each expense to a specific property (or split them between multiple properties) to help you keep an accurate record.

You can also easily track your portfolio’s performance from anywhere, anytime – on any device

Choose Beaver to grow your Real Estate Business

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