Easy real estate bookkeeping

Seamless accounting from rent collection and accounts payables/vendor payments

Online rent collection and vendor payments means no work for you: Beaver will turn those transactions into presentable financial statements! Data are securely retrieved via our trusted partner, Plaid.

Once you assign the rent and payments to the relevant property (or split them between multiple properties), Beaver will automatically populate the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement and create a Schedule E form for you to file.

Beaver receives transaction information directly from your bank accounts and credit cards, which means there is no need for you to keep track of them manually (e.g. on Excel spreadsheet).

No more manual entries, no more human errors.


Without bookkeeping, rent collection is not done…

Online rent payment is great but thats is not all of your work… You need to bookkeep and prepare a financial report. Beaver takes care of that the best.

No more manual entries

Unlike other property management software, Beaver retrieves transactional data directly from your bank, eliminating the need for manual data entries.

Calculate accurate returns on your property

When it comes time to sell one or several of your properties in your portfolio, it is important to calculate your exact profit from each property (your RoI). With Beaver, you can easily assign each expense to a specific property (or split them between multiple properties) to help you keep an accurate record.

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