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Accounting / Bookkeeping

Prepare your tax format friendly statement in just a few clicks


Beaver will prepare your Schedule E and financial statements based on your bank account records.


How it works


1. Connect

Connect your bank and credit card accounts.


2. Assign

Assign relevant transactions to properties.

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3. Review and file

Review your Schedule E and use it for tax reporting (or, send it to your accountant).

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Easy tax preparation

Simply copy the numbers from our Schedule E (and other forms) onto your self-prepared tax form, or share it with your accountant.

Give your accountant access to your Beaver account, so any questions about transactions can be resolved quickly.

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Memorize your categorization

Beaver will memorize and predict your categorization of transactions. You won’t have to tell us twice!

 Manage multiple properties under one entity

Do you own multiple properties? No worries, we got you covered. Simply add your property and assign relevant transactions to the relevant property. Beaver will prepare separate financial statements for each property, as well as a consolidated financial statement.

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Keep a record of asset information

Beaver also allows you to keep a record of relevant asset information (such as purchased amount, legal fees, and broker fees) so that you can calculate your depreciation and capital gains when you sell your property.