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Beaver real estate accounting and management software was created in 2017 by founders who have experience in accounting, financial firms, and technology startups.

It is a new automated real estate accounting software that serves all of real estate investor’s needs from rent collection to vendor payments, bookkeeping and financial projections.

We understand that proper financial information is and will be the core of a real estate business and we want to offer a software solution that will provide a solid foundational financial structure.  And that is Beaver.

With Beaver software, you will be able to collect, automate, and analyze financial information simply and accurately so that real estate investors, brokers, property managers, and asset managers, and their businesses can prosper.

We want to simplify the complexity of your business.

Our startup journey

We have been working hard to provide a software solution that could help every aspect of your real estate business.


Company Incorporated

Incorporated Beaver in the heart to help real estate business prosper.


Started beta service with selective users

Started a beta software service for selective landlords and property managers to iterate our products to make it the best.


Implemented private services

We performed property managers/finance managers role for selective clients to understand closely the challenges and difficulties for the improvement of real estate asset management. 


Multi-Entity based service started

Major software release for larger users to manage multi LLCs more efficiently with multiple users.

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CEO and Founder Hideyuki Gojima

We are passionate about creating and delivering high quality work, meeting the business needs of our clients and ensuring the very best

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