Rent collection, Vendor payment and Bookkeeping tasks reduced by 90%.

Say hello to Beaver, an accounting software for real estate investors. With Beaver, you can now collect rent, make payments to vendors, and create a Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss Statement in a few clicks. Goodbye, Excel speadsheets!


Accounting / Bookkeeping

Import transactions directly from your bank account and credit cards. Assign each transaction to a property and expense category – let Beaver do the rest!

Rent collection

Rent will never get lost with online collection! Use Beaver to easily track payment status.

Accounts Payable

Pay vendors online using only their email address. Assign payments to each property, or split them between multiple properties.

Would you like some freebies? We have built a simple MACRS real estate depreciation calculator. Do you need to calculate your depreciation expense for your properties? Check our real estate depreciation calculator.

Michael Phan

Beaver made bookkeeping for my two properties very easy. With just a few clicks, I was able to connect my bank accounts and see income and expenses. Now, I can never go back to using Excel. 

– Real estate investor, Denver, CO

Curtis Robertson

It was tedious to sort through expenses related to each property that I manage. With Beaver, a lot of my work became automated. With the time saved by Beaver, I can focus on more important stuff now. 

– Family office owner, Jersey City, NJ

Real estate accounting software

Accurate accounting is the most important matter to take care of when it comes to any investment. Beaver specializes in accounting for real estate investors.

Whether you are an Individual real estate investor, family office owner / manager, or an in-house accountant of a property management company, you will benefit from the fast, efficient, and accurate accounting provided by Beaver.

Online rent collection

Send an invitation to your tenants by email. That’s all it takes to collect your rent.

Rent roll will show you the up-to-date collection status and the amount due for each tenant.

Online accounts payable

Enter the email address of your vendor and amount owed. That’s all it takes to make a payment to your vendor!

Payment can be easily assigned to or split between multiple properties, and recorded as an expense. It will show up in the Profit and Loss Statement, auto-created by Beaver.

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Connect your bank accounts and start your accounting in 5 minutes – No credit card required.