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Real Estate Accounting and Management Software

Easy-to-use real estate accounting and management software to connect your bank accounts, sync your expenses, balance your books, create financial projections and get you ready for tax time.
Make Tax Time a Breeze

When everything is neatly where it belongs, tax time is simple. Beavers smart dashboard organizes your income, expenses, payments, and invoices.

Automated Financial Projection

Get rid of complicated spreadsheets. Every data is instantly migrated into your financial statements.  The data is then calculated to see how your properties are performing on an automated and easy-to-understand dashboard. Now you can make better financial decisions accurately and faster – giving you more time to do other things.

Accountant-friendly Software

Beaver uses real, double-entry accounting software. Don’t know what that is? That’s OK. Accountants do, and they’ll thank you for it.


Good real estate accounting is your ticket to better financial decision-making, increased cash flow, and improved asset management.

Software Features

Multiple Entity-LLC Support​

Control multiple LLCs under one Beaver account, each with its own Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement! Pretty awesome right? There’s no extra charge or limit to the number of entities you can add. 

Full Fledged Accounting Features

Only income tracking and expense tracking is never enough. You need a full fledged accounting software that can fully complete your needs for accounting so that you will not need any other software to prepare financial documents for your tax return.

Financial Performance Dashboard

Beaver makes it easy to monitor your property’s performance at a glance, including occupancy, rent collection rate, and net income! This makes you able to see your business’s performance and growth!

Simplified Vendor Payment

Pay your vendor directly using their email address only. No need to share any additional banking information.  Each payment feeds directly into Beaver’s accounting system, where it can be easily assigned to the relevant property or split between multiple properties.


Automated Rent Collection

Rent received via Beaver will be automatically recorded as revenue into the Profit & Loss Statement and your Schedule E form for every property. Each ACH payment is taken care of by our trusted partner Checkbook. This makes your workload reduced significantly! 

Unlimited Document Storage

Beaver offers unlimited storage that is securely encrypted for all of your leases, agreements, insurance policies, and other transactional documents. Simply upload documents under the relevant property then be able to access it from any device anytime and anywhere.

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Well-managed real estate accounting can make all the difference. So don’t let small mistakes cost you money.

Beaver’s Partners

We have partnered with two financial tech industry leader so that your vital financial information remains secure.

  • Plaid to import bank transactions.
  • Checkbook for rent collection and vendor payment.

Our partners’ services are fully compliant with the necessary regulations for running the highest security system that protects your information.

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